Couples Counseling

Until further notice, I will be providing telemental health counseling services only. For video conferencing, I use a HIPAA compliant platform with FaceTime and Skype as back up platforms.

BCBSVT and most other BCBS plans cover telemental health counseling.

couples counseling, marriage counseling, infidelity, cheating, marriage counselor, psychotherapy, couples counselor, premarital counseling, online counseling, vermont couples counseling, marriage counseling burlington, skype counseling, infidelity, divorce counselingMost couples come to counseling seeking change in their relationship and have hit a wall in trying to do this themselves. One of the key reasons this happens is that each person is focused on what the other person is doing “to cause” him/her to react as they do. As a result, they find themselves stuck in a negative cycle of behaviors that leaves each person feeling isolated and alone within the relationship.

I specialize in working with couples who are experiencing distress and/or hopelessness in their relationships. One area of expertise that I have cultivated by working with many couples over the past 15 years, focuses on repairing a relationship after infidelity (physical and/or emotional) has occurred. Another area is helping a couple identify areas of concerns early in the relationship, before these issues start to feel unmanageable. This can be especially helpful for newly engaged or newlywed couples.

I am a process therapist. I use a psychodynamic approach in addition to cognitive strategies. I incorporate ideas from both Susan Johnson’s EFT and the Gottman method. I work with the couple to get at the root of what’s really going on in the relationship, below the surface level of repetitive arguments. I facilitate awareness of what each person is bringing into the relationship and the effects those things have on the other person and on their own reactions. People who become more aware of what they are actually reacting to, in addition to what their partner is reacting to, are in a much better position to make changes particularly with regard to communication (both articulating what one thinks/feels and most importantly how one listens).

My strength as a couples counselor lies in being able to move freely between the male and female viewpoints. This greatly helps couples step back from the immediacy of their situation, and see the often missed global perspective of their relationship, which is essential to fostering effective communication and reestablishing connection.


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I am an in-network provider for BCBS/Bluecard plans only. All other insurance plans fall under out-of-network. Please see the fees/insurance page for more information on out-of-network plans.