Skype/Phone Counseling

online counseling, skype counseling, facetime counseling, psychotherapy online, telephone counseling, phone counseling, telephone psychotherapyCounseling through Skype or other technologies such as Facetime or Google Hangout are available for individual psychotherapy. I offer this alternative to face to face counseling due to an increased number of requests from clients who are single parents, have difficulty getting to the office due to weather conditions, and/or other life circumstances that make it challenging to travel. Please note: This service is only offered to Vermont residents and current or previous Texas clients.

For Vermont Residents: If you are interested in counseling through these means, our initial meeting will need to be in person to talk about how this works, what mode of communication best suits your needs, confidentiality, and a back up plan should unforeseen circumstances interfere with internet connections. Once the plan is in place, I ask that we meet face to face every 3-4 weeks.

For Texas Residents (former clients only): We’ll set up an initial call to see if this mode of counseling works for you. If it does, we’ll schedule future sessions from there. I do get back to Austin on occasion and typically rent space at my former location for a face to face meeting with current remote clients. I will let you know several weeks in advance.

PLEASE NOTE: Internet/phone technologies is restricted for individual psychotherapy only. This is due to the nature of couples’ work itself. There is much non-verbal communication that transpires between couples that speaks volumes to the nature of the relationship. That said, this may be an option for established couples as a back up plan to weather conditions and emergencies that impede your travel capabilities.

If you’d like to schedule an appointment or if you prefer to talk first before scheduling, feel free to use the form provided below or call: (802) 881-7396

Please Note: Insurance does not cover telephone based counseling